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Stellar Top 10 PSP Episodes - PSP51

June 17, 2021 Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley Season 3 Episode 14
Planet Storytime Podcast
Stellar Top 10 PSP Episodes - PSP51
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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!!

We are very happy to present a long overdue STELLAR podcast, our first Stellar podcast in almost a year!   Our Stellar episodes have been some of our most popular and they’re awesome for long road trips, long walks with headphones, lazy days, rainy days, sick days and any other time our listeners need more than just one episode.  

For this edition, we have bundled up our TOP 10 most popular episodes to date  (in reverse order):

  1. Crow and Beetle (PSP4)
  2. Stablefree, Equipoise and the Mud Cave Adventure (PSP21)
  3. The Victor Surf Theme (PSP28)
  4. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher (PSP22)
  5. The Misdirection - A Crow and Beetle Story (PSP26)
  6. The Selfish Giant (PSP18)
  7. The Queen Bee (PSP2)
  8. The Emperor’s New Clothes (PSP24)
  9. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (PSP32)
  10. The Tale of Peter Rabbit (PSP1)


And while this feature isn’t always easy to find on some podcast apps, each of these stories have been broken into separate chapters, allowing you to hone in on the particular episode you want to hear which may be helpful for such a long podcast:)

We have truly enjoyed going back to listen to some of these stories while pondering how far we have come as podcasters with content we believe is some of the best available for kids today.  With so much children’s content coming in the form of YouTube/Netflix/Disney videos, we remain firm believers that audio-only content helps spark a child’s creative imagination, empowering them to create the visuals in their minds that accompany our stories.  

Big thanks to our listeners worldwide - you help push us to new levels of creativity, inspiring our original content and our newer serial/episodic stories with Beatru and Livelong.  And thank you for your endless support to this point!   We have so much in store for the remainder of the year so please stay subscribed and tuned in for more Livelong, Beatru and, hopefully, new Crow and Beetle stories!   

Please visit our website, subscribe, and if you feel so compelled, please visit our Patreon page to become a sponsor for the show (every little bit helps!):

Thank You!!!

PS - if you’re one of our listeners from Hough, Ohio - shoot us an email!!   You’ve been with us from the beginning and we’d love to hear from you!!  

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Crow and Beetle
Victor Surf Theme
Jeremy Fisher
The Misdirection - Crow and Beetle
The Selfish Giant
The Queen Bee
Emperor's New Clothes
Peter Rabbit